Holiday Items

Each year we have a crew of from 4-8 people hand-assembling Balsalm Wreaths, Balsalm Roping (garlands), and other holiday decorations from native materials. All of our creations are hand-made and hand-tied and can be custom-made to order. We have been doing this on-site in the Upper Valley for over 20 years. Besides here at the Plant Pantry, you can find our creations at the Co-ops in Lebanon, Hanover, Littleton, and White River Junction.

Our Holiday Items are available at the Pantry about November 15th thru December 20th. Balsam Christmas Trees are available after Thanksgiving.

All our Holiday Items can be decorated with Bows, Ribbons, Cones, and Berries.

  • Bows or Ribbons in Red, Blue, Cranberry, and Burgundy
  • Plain or Fancy Bows or Ribbons

  • Balsam or Balsam/Pine/Cedar Mix
  • Single or Double-faced
  • From 6" to 60" (ring diameter)

Roping (Garland)
  • Balsam or Balsam/Pine/Cedar Mix
  • Any Length

Kissing Balls
Kissing Balls
  • Balsam

Novelty Items
  • Balsam
  • Candy Canes
  • Trees
  • Crosses
  • Hearts
  • Door Arches
  • Mailbox Swags
  • Door Swags
  • Centerpieces with Candles

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