Vegetable Plants and Herbs
Nothing is fresher, or more tasty, than fresh vegetables grown in your own backyard.

See us in the Spring for a great assortment — ready to plant.
You'll find 6-packs of your favorites as well as some unusual choices that may become your new favorites.
Try mixed 6-packs — grow your own mixed salad.
Or get a jump on Spring with single pots of tomatoes and peppers, already well-started.
(We offer a great way to extend your harvest season — tomatoes planted in stages so that not all plants mature at the same time and we label them for you by maturity date so you know how to mix and match them.)
Vegetable 6-packs
This year, try:
Swiss Chard
Winter Squash

We have a new herb display for 2010
Buy your herbs in 6-packs or singles. We have mixed 6-packs for variety.

Basil (our most poular)
Italian herb mixes
Other mixes

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